1. Is ACCM membership and registration currently free?

Yes, membership is currently free.

2. Do I need to be a ‘tech’ company to register?

One of ACCM’s objectives is to encourage local SMEs to continuously upgrade their capabilities to remain competitive. As such, membership is open to companies which are keen on adopting technologies, and not strictly limited to technology providers.

3. What can the "Contact Partner" web form be used for?

The “Contact Partner” web form allows users from different companies to touch base with each other for the purposes of networking and initiating business discussions. Do take note, however, that the acts of soliciting business or pitching via the “Contact Partner” web form are highly discouraged. Formal professional language should be used.

4. What kinds of Marketplace Listings are allowed?

Marketplace Listings should preferably be technologically-driven (e.g. software solutions, robotic systems, warehouse automation, MES, ERP, cloud hosting, etc) and business-to-business in nature. Solutions that have a high level of customizability, scalability and technological novelty are highly preferred. It must also be a commercially-ready solution and not be in the Proof-of-Concept phase. Approval of Marketplace Listings shall not be regarded as A*STAR’s endorsement of them.